1. 25 Aug, 2021 5 commits
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      Bump versions to 2.5.0. · 69d3eeaa
      John James Jacoby authored
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      Admin/Create/Move: audit query and function arguments. (#182) · 5603be73
      John James Jacoby authored
      This commit includes the following changes:
      * Audit add_query_arg() usages and avoid collisions by removing known offenders
      * Allow "empty" network name and site name in the UI; they will fallback to defaults in add_network()
      * Add a bunch of inline docs
      * Improve the readability by splitting parameters into separate lines
      * When using func_get_args() in add_network(), count() the arguments before attempting to fallback
      Fixes #159.
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      Cache: replace calls to refresh_blog_details() with clean_blog_cache(). · cd802514
      John James Jacoby authored
      This ensures that the correct site is always cleaned.
      Also does the following:
      * add inline documentation to each instance
      * remove _wp_update_network_counts() and use wp_update_network_counts() now that it accepts a network ID within our minimum WP version requirement
      * cast network IDs to ints and clean up comparisons in move_site()
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      Move: improve mark-up and add description to "Assign Network" area. · 807720b2
      John James Jacoby authored
      This change adds a clarifying description to explain what "No Network" means and does. It also adds the "form-table" class and removes some forced CSS on the innards.
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      Issue/179 - Fix "Move" site failing (#181) · 3efd543c
      John James Jacoby authored
      * Move: fix incorrect escaping of <strong> HTML tags.
      * Move: make submit_button() parameters multi-line for improved readability.
      * Move: make add_meta_box() parameters multiline for improved readibility.
      * Admin: add hr.wp-header-end after H1's to match WordPress Admin.
      * Move: update input "action" value from "update" to "move"
      Fixes #179.
  2. 24 Aug, 2021 1 commit
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      Meta: update plugin & readme header info. (#180) · 5317f82d
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      Specifically, this commit changes the "Author" related info to Triple J Software, Inc.
      It also:
      * Updates formatting to match formatting of other TJS plugins
      * Updates contributors to include more recent folks and remove absent ones
      * Fixes typos, grammar, and syntax in the rest of the readme
      * Adds some simpler language to the description
      * Removes superfluous wporg tags
      * Makes domain examples use https://
      * Adds periods to the end of changelog entries, for consistency
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